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PrintFolder 1.3

Handy utility to print or save a list of files located in any folder. Right-click any folder in Windows Explorer and select "PrintFolder" in the popup menu. Screenshot - Download (547 KB)

Windows 7

PrintFolder has only been briefly tested with Windows 7, but it seems to work ok, with a few exceptions. You cannot use the right-click menu option, and you may get an Access Violation error trying to scan certain locations (e.g. "Computer"). Using the Browse for folder button from within the program, everything seems to work correctly.

SetFileDate 2.0

Utility to alter the time and date of one or more selected files or folders. There's several such utilities available, but we've found most of them to be too large, too complex or too expensive. SetFileDate is small, easy to use, and completely free. New in version 2.0: Change the time stamp of both files and folders. Screenshot - Download (551 KB)

TexRep 2.0

Replace text in multiple files in a single operation. Make backup copies of your original files, select case sensitive or insensitive searches, or choose between replacing whole or partial text strings. New features in version 2.0 includes improved user interface (Win XP compatible), a new scan folder(s) option, etc. Freeware. Screenshot - Download (694 KB)

ScreenGrab 1.1

ScreenGrab is a simple, yet effective screen capture utility for Windows. When running, ScreenGrab responds to preset hotkey combinations, making it easy to make screen captures without having to click on buttons or use the mouse. Screenshot - Download (609 KB)

DeskSweeper 2.0

Hide all desktop icons (including Recycle Bin, My Computer, Network Neighbourhood, etc.) DeskSweeper is always visible in the Windows system tray for easy access. A single mouseclick is all you need to hide or view your desktop icons. This version includes several new options and features. Freeware. Download (139 KB)

RGBtoHEX 1.1a

Useful HTML color picker, suitable for web developers. With RGBtoHEX, you can find the correct #rrggbb value for any color. You can also enter a hex color code to view its RGB value. 216-color safe web palette included. Probably the only HTML color picker you'll ever need. Version 1.1a fixes a scaling issue when running the program on systems with large fonts. Freeware. Screenshot - Download (418 KB)


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